Let’s unleash the untapped potential in our stupH!

Turning everything we’ve got into everything we need.

goStuph helps us organize the great stuff we’ve got and the amazing people all around us—building trusted communities for sharing, borrowing, and making the best possible use of every perfectly good thing.


Let’s get organized and stay that way.

goStuph guides us through finding all the good stuff we’ve got, cataloging what it’s for and where we keep it. Never lose track of that thing again. Link user accounts to share what’s where, across devices. And be ready to share your stuff—with people you trust.


Explore goStuph Pro: A Tool for Pro Organizers


Let’s make sure all our good and organized stuff gets put to good use in our communities.

goStuph enables us to make our stuff available to whomever we like—and vice versa. No more buying what you only need to borrow. Sharing with each other is as easy as a search and a click.

Keep it Green by Wasting Less

GoStuph helps us stay connected and work together to share our treasures—instead of making more trash. Let’s maximize the value of all the stuff we’re just not using. When we get organized and share, it’s better for the planet. And our wallets will thank us, too.

Your goStuph Community

Let’s join together. Everyone around us has stuff and needs stuff—just like us.

goStuph invites us to not only organize the stuff we’ve got, but the amazing people in our area. Groups built on trust spread more of it. People and interests in common turn into stuff that just goes where it’s needed, with everyone’s privacy respected and protected*.

Together—we got this.

*When it comes to user security, goStuph knows when to guard stuff. It empowers users to maintain total control over who sees what and how we share, with smart safeguards that’ll make you say, “Why didn’t everyone else think of that?” And user info is never shared with third parties (ever).

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